6 Ways to Protect Your Voice This Winter

Methods I use each year to keep my voice in shape all season.

What do I do when I speak so much and don’t want to lose my voice this winter?

Even just to be able to link to this post, I wanted to take some time and put together my go-to tips and tools for battling winter weather and making sure my voice stays on point all winter long.

Stay hydrated.

First things first, make sure you’re drinking enough water. Your vocal cords vibrate hundreds of times per second, and they need to stay lubricated. The more hydrated your body, the better the health of your mucous membrane and the better protected your vocal cords. I aim for about a gallon and a half of water each day, give or take depending on the physical and vocal demands of the day.

Avoid antihistamines.

On that note, I try to avoid antihistamines as much as possible. These medicines (like Zyrtec, Allegra, Alavert) dry up the mucous membranes. Like we said in the last paragraph, a healthy mucous membrane is important for vocal protection, so drying that up can be detrimental, especially if you are already losing your voice.

  • I vacuum more regularly than most.
  • When I come inside, I immediately wash my hands.
  • I shower at night so I’m not sleeping in any pollen or dust from the day.
  • I take Flonase after every warm shower.
  • I never sleep in anything I wore that day.
  • I wash sheets regularly.

Avoid coffee.

I don’t drink coffee nearly as much as I used to (not that my caffeine intake has changed), but I try and avoid coffee, soda, and tea (other than the one below) 1–2 hours before I need to speak.

Throat Coat tea.

This is the jam.


I’ve never actually used a personal humidifier, but I know plenty of singers who use something like this one. Steam helps you rehydrate your dry vocal cords. Inhaling steam hits the cords immediately, allows them to rehydrate and get back to building up that mucous membrane, and soothes irritation.

Vocal rest.

Don’t talk. Whisper as needed, but keep it quiet. Especially when something major is coming up and I am feeling the early onset of vocal stress, I take a few days to make sure I’m not overexerting my voice.

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